NTNU Dept. of Education

History & Prospects

     Cultivating the young generation for the future is the foundation of a nation's development.  Hence education is and will continue to be essential for generations to come.  It is necessary to have a professional higher education institute which engages in research on educational theories and practices to provide an impetus for government policies and education reform as well as to serve as a foundation for the professional development of teachers and school leaders.  Being well recognized as the top-notch institute, this department was incepted to take on this crucial role in Taiwan.
     The Taiwan Provincial Teachers' College was founded in June 1946 with the Department of Education being one of the original seven departments.  In 1954, the Graduate Institute of Educational Research was founded at College in order to offer a master program.  In 1971, the program was expanded to include the doctoral program.  In order to streamline the programs as well as confirm to the modification of University Acts of 1987 and 1944, the undergraduate department and graduate institute were combined to form the Department of Education, which offers undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs.